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Create Flex Development Environment for Adobe Flash and AIR

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We are describing how to create flex development environment under Microsoft Windows Platform. For this environment we will use free and open-source applications only.
In this article we make environment which can be use by developers for flash web based applications or air desktop based applications. System will run by Flex SDK.
1) We have to install latest Java (JRE), if already this is not installed. Without Java our Free IDE (Flash Develop) will not work.
2) Need Dot Net Framework for IDE. If it not installed already, Make sure we have install latest Dot Net Framework.
3) Need Latest Adobe Flash Player for develop Flex web applications and Latest Adobe AIR Runtime for develop desktop applications. Make sure both are installed on the system.
4) Now Need Latest Flash Develop (open source and free Flash IDE), we can download it from Now time to install Flash Develop on the system. When installing don’t select Flex SDK, AIR SDK and Flash Player.
5) Now need most important thing Flex SDK. We can download it from After download need to unpack it under application drive as a example c:\flex
6) Now time to make bridge with Flex SDK and Flash Develop. Open Flash Develop go to Tools->program settings->As3 Context->Installed Flex SDK-> Add New SDK-> Select Flex installed directory and we will see system automatically detect Flex SDK and Air SDK version in same time. Now save and close it.
7) That’s it. We will describe more things on second stage.
Note: Current version of Java is 1.7 and Flash Develop is 4.0, But Java 1.7 and Java 64bit is currently not compatible with Latest Flash Develop as well as current Flex SDK 4.6. That’s why Install Java 1.6 32bit only.

Create Flex Development Environment for Adobe Flash and AIR, 10.0 out of 10 based on 20 ratings

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