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HTML5, CSS3 and JS Quick Start Guide and Complete References

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Semantic Elements:
A semantic element clearly describes its meaning to both the browser and the developer. Examples of non-semantic elements: <div> and <span> – Tells nothing about its content. Examples of semantic elements: <form>, <table> and <img> – Clearly defines its content.
Following semantic elements are newly added in HTML5, Every HTML5 supported browser can accept those tags even smart phone browser also support them.
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Change Browser URL and Web Page Content Without Page Reload

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When we click on anchor tag the new page opens with page reloading. Sometime we need solution like page content or a portion of page must load with new content with browser URL must change. Please note, We know that in such cases we can use AJAX to load new page content. But we have few major issues for such cases,
1) We can change hash tag but not full URL, so that this is not SEO friendly.
2) User will not get different page URL, So user can’t bookmark or remember it.
3) Sometime this is difficult to use AJAX in existing unstructured web app.
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Fix IE5 IE6 IE7 PNG Transparency Problem with JQuery Based Plugin

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By default IE6 unable to display PNG as other modern browsers. Its always showing some other colors in place of transparency. With help of JQuery as a JavaScript library we can easily solve the problem. IE5.5 onwards we only get native support of PNG. Personally I recommended to don’t use PNG images for IE6 support, due to its not good idea for every places. Continue reading

Enbale CSS3 Properties like Corner, Shadow on MS IE6 IE7 IE8

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What is This
IE-CSS3 is a script to provide Internet Explorer support for some new styles like rounded corner, Box/Text Shadow available in the CSS3 standard.

How it works
If we’re viewing this tweaks with HTML page in Internet Explorer, some of the elements have been rebuilt by the script in Vector Markup Language (VML), an IE-specific vector drawing language. VML supports things that are missing from IE’s CSS implementation like rounded corners and blur effects.
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