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Change Browser URL and Web Page Content Without Page Reload

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When we click on anchor tag the new page opens with page reloading. Sometime we need solution like page content or a portion of page must load with new content with browser URL must change. Please note, We know that in such cases we can use AJAX to load new page content. But we have few major issues for such cases,
1) We can change hash tag but not full URL, so that this is not SEO friendly.
2) User will not get different page URL, So user can’t bookmark or remember it.
3) Sometime this is difficult to use AJAX in existing unstructured web app.
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Developer Guide for Magento Module Structure and CodePool

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Magneto has three different type of codepools: A) Core, B) Community & C) Local. This three codepool working in same manner but priority of module include paths are different for them. Let’s take a look at app/Mage.php,

$paths[] = BP . DS . 'app' . DS . 'code' . DS . 'local';
$paths[] = BP . DS . 'app' . DS . 'code' . DS . 'community';
$paths[] = BP . DS . 'app' . DS . 'code' . DS . 'core';
$paths[] = BP . DS . 'lib';
$appPath = implode(PS, $paths);
set_include_path($appPath . PS . Mage::registry('original_include_path'));
include_once "Mage/Core/functions.php";
include_once "Varien/Autoload.php";

This code snippet illustrates the order Magento is using to include paths – firstly it includes Local code pool, than community and after that – core, which allow developers to override classes without changing core files.
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Install and Working with Zend Framework on Windows Platform

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Create Skeleton Application:
1) We need mod_rewrite, php-curl and open_ssl module to be install on current PHP development environment (if PHP environment is XAMPP on Windows then open c:\xampp\apache\conf\httpd.conf and uncomment “LoadModule rewrite_module modules/” again open c:\xampp\php\php.ini and uncomment and uncomment extension=php_curl.dll & extension=php_openssl.dll).
2) Open command prompt and navigate to PHP directory (if PHP environment is XAMPP on Windows then it will be: c:\xampp\php). Type command php -r “eval(‘?>’.file_get_contents(‘’));” and run it, you will see composer successfully installed message. Continue reading

Activity Lifecycle and Tech Guide for Android App Developer

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An activity is a single, focused thing that the user can do. Almost all activities interact with the user, So that when we see something in device’s screen that is showing by activity. We can develop a single application with multiple activities like home, signup, signin etc.
Activities in the system are managed as an activity stack. When a new activity is started, it is placed on the top of the stack and becomes the running activity and the previous activity always remains below it in the stack, and will not come to the foreground again until the new activity closed. Continue reading

Modern Architecture and Definitive Developer Guide of Drupal

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We can build verity of websites using Drupal, including personal blogs to enterprise applications, CMS to ecommerce Portal. Thousands of add-on modules and designs can build any site that can imagine.

Distributions are a collection of pre-configured themes and modules for feature-rich web sites giving a head start on building any kind of web sites. We can build online communities, media portal, online store, and more!
This is technical guide for Drupal developers, which can be helpful for understand the system. Continue reading