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Free and Open-source important resources those are really important

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Coding Standard:

  1. PHP coding standard and development style:
  2. PHP code review and coding standard tool:
  3. PHP based unit testing and automated testing tool:
  4. PHP based coding documentation using dockblock:
  5. PHP based functional document creation and unit testing tool:

Cross Origin Service:

  1. CORS mechanism and web-service:
  2. CORS technique and implementations:

WebRTC and ORTC:

  1. WebRTC official portal and current development status:
  2. WebRTC sample codes and demonstration:
  3. ORTC official portal and current development status:

Laravel and Lumen:

  1. Building web-app using Laravel:
  2. Building web-service using Lumen:

Open-source Applications:

  1. Free and open-source project management system(PHP, MySQL, Doctrine):
  2. Free and open-source analytics software(can be a replacement of Google Analytics):
  3. Web-based MapView and phone tracking system for Android
  4. GPS based route tracking and MapView for Android
  5. Javascript based face detection and object detection
  6. Javascript based image editing and various adjustment tool
  7. JavaScript based sound effect, mixer and browser play tool

Technology Knowledge:

  1. Android OS version update strategy for devices:
  2. Know which components and server environment is used for a given url:
  3. Know html5 supported elements for any browser:
  4. Apache htaccess cheat sheet for all type of modifier:
Free and Open-source important resources those are really important, 5.4 out of 10 based on 29 ratings

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