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Coding Standard:

  1. PHP coding standard and development style:
  2. PHP code review and coding standard tool:
  3. PHP based unit testing and automated testing tool:
  4. PHP based coding documentation using dockblock:
  5. PHP based functional document creation and unit testing tool:

Cross Origin Service:

  1. CORS mechanism and web-service:
  2. CORS technique and implementations:

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Model View Controller is Most Robust Application Architecture

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MVC is an application architecture and software pattern for implementing user interfaces which is divided into three basic parts as described in below,
Model (M): Model defines relations among data in DB and rules that must be followed when saving data to DB. It also gives us tools to read/save data from/to DB.
View (V): View is used to show data to user. It doesn’t write to DB or count difficult things. It just receives data and shows them using HTML, CSS, JS as client’s display.
Controller(C): Controller is processes and changes the data, handles user’s actions, decides, counts, thinks and calls models and views. Continue reading

Create Development Environment for Software Based Projects

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For medium and big size software projects its very difficult to manage everything with just educational way. As a example Open Office created with JAVA but if they will taken approach as write JAVA class in native OS editor after that compile and run from command/Shell prompt then it will be very painful for developer. Continue reading

Welcome to Knowledge Base, Technology is Our Theme and Dream

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The most important technology news, developments and trends with insightful analysis and commentary. Coverage includes Hardware, Software, Networking, Wireless Computing, Tele Communication, Mobile Technology, Web Technology, Security and Cutting Edge Technology from the business world to the consumer world.

01) Developer Guide for Magento Module Structure and Code Pool
02) Install and Working with Zend Framework on Windows Platform
03) Activity Lifecycle and Tech Guide for Android App Developer
04) Modern Architecture and Definitive Developer Guide of Drupal
05) Extract Text Content from Rich Documents using Simple PHP

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