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Third Party Sign In with Google and Yahoo Account via OpenID

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We may already informed about OpenID sign in process. Here we can understand how user can sign in to our websites with Google/Yahoo account via OpenID authorization process. Right Now OpenID is the best choice to sign in various websites with other website accounts.
Google and Yahoo also provide us OpenID authorization service that can help us to authenticate Google/Yahoo user from there site and call back to our sites with some user information along with unique identifier of the particular user. In this application we used a third-party OpenID class as this is very conceptual over the net. Continue reading

Text Chat, File Send, Audio Call, Video Call and Desktop Share

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Here we can describe variety of Communication Server and Communication Client, Protocol and latest technologies that can be use with various approach.
Application: RED5, Asterisk
Language: JAVA, Flash, Flex, PHP(Natively not supported yet), C#, Python
Platform: Linux, MAC, Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows
For detail information and demonstration you may visit You may need to create a free account to visualize it.
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Import Contacts from Google and Yahoo Account using OAuth

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Here we can understand how to import Google and Yahoo contacts from there address book via OAuth authorization protocol with PHP. Right Now OAuth is most effective way to communicate with third-party service as API. Google as well as Yahoo also provide us Contact book API service with OAuth authorization.
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