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Platform and Environment Overview about Flash Flex and AIR

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Adobe Flash Applications: Mainly flash applications are run in web pages as interactive and animation based reach applications. T run this applications need Adobe Flash Player installed on the client system. To develop flash applications need Adobe Flash Professional IDE Flash Develop .
Adobe AIR Applications: Adobe AIR applications are make for desktop systems. It’s fully compatible with cross platform and Portable devices. We mainly use adobe AIR applications for rich internet applications (RIAs). With knowledge of HTML, CSS and java Script we can start developing AIR applications. To run Air applications in a system need AIR runtime to be installed. Continue reading

Create Flex Development Environment for Adobe Flash and AIR

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We are describing how to create flex development environment under Microsoft Windows Platform. For this environment we will use free and open-source applications only.
In this article we make environment which can be use by developers for flash web based applications or air desktop based applications. System will run by Flex SDK. Continue reading